Henry Quick Exhibition,8/4/17-14/5/17

Henry Quick and Paul Webster at Stockport Memorial Art Gallery 8th April – 14th...

BENEATH THE WAVES Photographs and paintings by Paul Webster & Henry Quick An exhibition of paintings and photographs entitled 'Beneath the Waves' to commemorate the centenary of the First...
David Lee will open MAFA 2017 exhibition

David Lee (Art Critic) Opens MAFA’s 2017 Exhibition

David Lee Opens MAFA's 2017 Exhibition which runs untill Tuesday 11th April. MAFA is delighted that David Lee, renowned art critic and publisher, opened this years Spring Exhibition at...
Stockport Memorial Art Gallery - venue of MAFA's 2017 Exhibition

MAFA 2017 Spring Exhibition

Manchester Academy Of Fine Art 2017 Spring Exhibition. This years MAFA exhibition will be held at the Stockport Art Gallery From Saturday 25th February until Tuesday 11th April 2017 The...

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