'Cardboard Reality 1' a painting by Peter Davis
'Cardboard Reality 1' - a painting by Peter Davis

Peter Davis (New Member):

I am a prize-winning contemporary figurative painter.

I have always been passionate about creativity having worked as a conceptual art director and creative director for over 25 years. My aim is to capture the zeitgeist of society today and create contemporary portraiture that belongs in the here and now.

'Face Furniture' - a painting by Peter Davis
‘Face Furniture’ – a painting by Peter Davis

Human idiosyncrasies and specific moments in time that tell stories about the subjects and produce a strong visual narrative and emotional connection. The majority of my paintings explore the subject of humanity and our relationship with technology. Our digital and social mediated world is dominated with manipulated personal experiences, narcissism and false self. I am fascinated with people’s use of personal technology and how it impacts on our world and relationships.

My work poses questions about the alienation of the human being within contemporary society. There is an intentional dichotomy between the technology-centric images that I observe and my traditional method of painting.

Whilst the scenes that I see can pass in seconds, it can take many days, if not weeks, for

‘8 tonight?’ - a painting by Peter Davis
‘8 tonight?’ – a painting by Peter Davis

me to painstakingly preserve in paint the true essence of that fleeting moment.

To find out more please visit my website: peterdavisartist.com

Follow me on Twitter or Instagram @peterdavis_art

Email me at peterdavisartist@sky.com

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