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Malcolm Taylor

Malcolm Taylor Warrington

My inspiration is drawn from many sources but particularly from images gathered from around the northwest of England, from life drawing, portraiture and from my travels around the UK, especially to St. Ives in Cornwall. I have exhibited widely throughout Britain, including the Royal Academy Summer Show and The Mall Galleries in London.

Many of my paintings are derived from an ongoing exploration of the various moods adopted by the landscape and, in particular, how these paintings can progress to arrive at a fully abstract image. However, I have never restricted myself to working in one particular medium and continually find myself switching between acrylics, traditional oils and both soft and oil pastels depending on what I am trying to achieve. 

With my purely abstract paintings I do not have a fixed image in mind when I start, preferring to let the imagery develop and evolve through the process of painting. Brushes, sticks, fingers and thumbs scrape, score and scratch marks onto the surface. I continually redraw, rearrange and obliterate passages in a desire to achieve a balance of colour and form. The end result is what is important and I may use collage, mixed media, dripping, scraping, drawing with sticks – anything to achieve a spontaneous and lively painting that is also harmonious in composition, tone and colour. 

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